Moringa Oil As Skincare

Moringa Oil has many uses. You can use it in your hair, on your skin and more. With all the amazing benefits, including anti-aging properties, adding Moringa Oil to your skincare routine is a must!

Moringa Olefeira absorbs easily into the skin, improving the appearance and radiance of skin. It has skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

All of the vitamins in Moringa Oil are beneficial to your skin. Vitamin A helps build collagen in the skin. Vitamin C helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E has healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. With these vitamins and no added ingredients, organic Moringa Oil is great for any skin type.

Moringa Oil helps purify skin and reveal a natural glow.

Read on below to see how you can add Moringa Oil to your skincare routine!

Vegan Moringa Oil

How to Use Moringa Oil on Your Face:

  1. Wash face as normal.
  2. Squirt two pumps of Beleaf In You Moringa Oil into freshly washed hands.
  3. Rub hands together gently and then massage onto your face in an upward motion.
  4. Don’t forget the area around your eyes, but be sure to massage gently.
  5. Let your skin absorb!

It is best to always purchase cold-pressed Moringa Oil, like ours, so you know it is vegan and healthy. This oil is even great for aging skin, rosacea and acne. Try this before applying makeup or add it to your daily skincare routine. You’ll feel the difference instantly.