Wow I have my hair back again…

Over the past few years as a result of a lot of plane travel along with traveling through the AZ desert monthly on business over a one year period, I began to experience course dry hair that at times was uncomfortable, and certainly didn’t look attractive.  I also think that age played a bit of a role as well, but that wasn’t what instigated the dryness.  One thing that helped was cutting my hair short – it did give my hair more life and body, but I missed my longer soft curls from my 20’s and 30’s…even into my 40’s. I just didn’t feel young and feminine.

Prior to getting introduced to Beleaf I used products for dry hair and my hair felt like a brillo after I showered…so when I used the BeLeaf product for the first week I was elated!  I was saying to myself – “Wow I have my hair back again…I feel and look like I did 10 years ago!”.  I also love using natural products – Moringa and CBD are my two favorite oils.  I can’t explain what your hair will feel like after you’ve shampooed and conditioned with BeLeaf – you have to try it for yourself.  But what I can say is that you will feel younger and have a great hair day every day.

Thanks BeLeaf!